Single Family Homes

The company provides private client running a custom-built home, without homes prototype, a custom project that extends from the ground, the design, construction and delivery of turnkey housing. This is an option for our customers who want to enjoy their future home with a single interlocutor and, simultaneously, with a very tight market price from the start.

  • Terrain


    It is the starting point of this project can be a field on property or we can help you to seek, with technical advice and urbanistically.
  • Design


    Our technical team proposed a design that meets your needs and ideas. Once agreed, is already working on the final design necessary for construction (reports, budgets, plans, safety study ...)
  • Construction


    Your home is built based on the final design, according to the budget presented, planning, qualities, agreed before commencement of work.
  • Turnkey


    The whole process worked together between our technical team and our clients allows us to reach the delivery of housing, with a guarantee of the contract price.